Strategic Illusions

Terrorism is the most dangerous threat to civilization. Hopelessness, bitterness, jealousy, and blame for the U.S. support of despotic governments aids in recruiting more soldiers for this Second Intifada, or crusade for anarchy and chaos. Quests for vengeance just multiply the brutal acts on both sides, as violence bequeaths violence. Metaphorically similar to the Malthusian Theorem, new suicide bombers are not produced arithmetically but proliferated and multiplied by this incessant violence; compounded even more by the resultant loss of dignity for all the family members involved. Personal dignity is denied children and the majority of both peaceful Palestinians and Israelis. Fear of being statistically collateral dama! ge in this war between the rulers of both Israel and Palestine, has made the majority of both populations into hostages.

As Thomas Friedman said in the New York Times on Thursday, Iraq is no threat to the U.S. At it’s first real threat, the U.S. could quickly level the entire country. Qadafi of Libya will never thumb his nose at the U.S. again in the world press. Half his house was destroyed with just a small raid some years ago, effectively erasing him from the world stage.

If Iraq were a third world country without oil, its strategic importance would make it a zero. The U.S. has ignored Africa for decades. Now that large oil reserves have been discovered there, the U.S. is building strong embassies and alliances. The U.S. interfered in a country’s internal politics back in the sixties, Vietnam. Every country deserves the chance to learn, as Russia and China are learning now, that capitalism is pragmatically the best. Communism cannot in the long run, work with imperfect humans. Outside pressure has worked for the former British colonies, but not without great cost for both conquerors and conquered, psychically, and psychologically.

U.S. arrogance toward global warming, and protection of corporate interests is a terrible blow to the traditional U.S. feeling of moral superiority. Strategic interests now translate to corporate oil interests. That is why official government policy has oil conservation taking a back seat to increased oil production. One cannot make a profit from less oil sales. How many people call themselves loyal Americans and drive SUVs?

We need to spend this time and effort on reforming our education, legal, and penal system. If we continue to hide our heads in the sand, Nikita Krushchev will have been right, we will bury ourselves. Just the money spent on our war on drugs would make our deficit disappear in just a few decades, if one did not redirect it to the military.

Look at all the money spent on our higher education for criminals that we call prison; it would be so much better spent on education. Without better education, we are doomed to becoming a third world nation in the future. A country’s real wealth is its educated citizenry.


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