The Bush Lies


George Bush is a liar who makes Clinton look almost truthful by comparison. Dubbya said we couldn’t conserve our way out of the energy “”crisis””, but Californians did just that. Dubbya said we brought the blackouts on ourselves by having too many environmental restrictions, but now it’s been confirmed that almost all the blackouts were the result of Dubbya’s friends
in the energy markets giving us the shaft while FERC sat on the sidelines. Also, a recent Rand report says 40% of our electricity is wasted.
Dubbya says democracy is a good thing (never mind how he got hired), and is needed in Iraq. But when oil-rich Venezuela’s fairly elected leader was overthrown earlier this year, Dubbya backed the military coup leaders, until Venezuelans took their country back, then Dubbya changed his tune again.
Dubbya says he cares about the people of Iraq, another lie-he’s continued cruel sanctions against them, and doesn’t mention Iraq’s women enjoy freedoms the women of Saudi Arabia and our other allies in the region could only dream of.
Dubbya said getting Osama was his highest priority, then said months later that he didn’t know or care where he was.
Dubbya said he’s a “”compassionate”” conservative, then sent the DEA into Lake County to violate our state law and the will of our community by illegally seizing medicinal marijuana, thereby endangering the lives of hundreds of our large population of chronically ill citizens.
Dubbya told Nevadans he wouldn’t turn their state into the nation’s nuclear waste dump, which gave him the election-another lie.
Dubbya says that we are fighting the “”War on terror”” to protect our freedom, but our constitution and bill of rights have been trashed, while Bush and Cheney friends and family members make a killing off of the newly bloated defense budget.

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