Reprisal Free

comment: It’s more of a question actually. I spent most of Monday in court, waiting for my name to be called & watching the grim proceedings. My arrest had been on March 2nd, 2002 after I was pulled over for old tags just after leaving my house at Blue Lakes. The CHP officer who arrested me found a minute amount of speed on me & added possession plus a bonus DUI which was purely bogus. I spent three days in jail (Friday night until Monday evening) then bailed because there was zero indication that I would be seeing a judge soon. Then when I appeared as ordered a month later no charges were pressed & I was ordered to appear in three weeks. The bond was released & I was told once again that the court declined to press charges at that time. On August 5th the charges were filed against me (rather than make this longer lets just say that they will have one hell of a time proving them) & I wasn’t the only one there who had this happen to them.

Almost all of the DUI cases were 5-6 months out & at least half of those called weren’t there, causing 40-50 thousand dollars in warrants to be issued. Everyone working in the courtroom had grim looks on their faces, obviously unhappy with their part in keeping the meat grinder going & I just have to ask,””What the Hell is going on in this county? Who’s in charge here & why does he/she want to reduce a citizen of this county with no record of any previous criminal behavior what so ever, to abject poverty by pursuing these charges? I ask you, have I hurt anyone? Ever? Get real Lake County, I don’t have a dime to my name 6 months after that arrest so what is this about?””

ps…..not that I’ve had a lot of experience eating in jails, nor do I feel that the food should be fine quality but one slice of bologna & 2 pieces of dried white bread, 3 ounces of fruit cocktail & a half a pint of milk does not constitute a meal, let alone a dinner. In 3 days there was not one serving of food that had seen the kitchen (been cooked in other words). Damn near bread & water.

Please leave out my angrier parts if you’d like or better yet, ask the question yourself & don’t print this. The fucking sheriff’s department doesn’t need any warning about me & the attitude I’ll bring if I have to spend more time in that fucking jail. They will rue the day should they go there with me as I will expend all of my considerable energies to expose these rotten bastards for who they are, what scum sucking, money grubbing pieces of shit they may be. Just call me “”Allergic””

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