The New Soundcloud is Oriented Towards Music Listeners

When first launched, SoundCloud focused on an audience of musicians and listeners for their platform, but with the recent redesign, the creators seem to have shifted their target audience to only listeners.


Though the iconic waveform is still there, other features have been miniaturized on the SoundCloud platform. The trademark waveform with embedded comments is now changed, where the comments are not easily visible and the comments appear in a horizontal line across the waveform instead in the shape of a balloon, and if the comment is long than the whole of it will not appear. To make things right, we suggest you to buy a soundcloud promotion package that fits your need for your promotional campaign. This puts a damper on the social aspect of the site which initially motivated customers to participate on the SoundCloud platform. One of the new options include a music discovery feature which shows already liked artists and repeated tracks. In the previous versions of SoundCloud, up loaders were allowed to create a set of their songs similar to live-show set list, now instead of a set all the tracks are woven into one waveform which makes it complicated for artists to promote their songs since they can’t differentiate between them and all tracks lose their importance. Moreover, the spotlight option which helped to highlight a musicians identity has been conveniently removed from the latest design altogether. To cam people down they have allowed customers to upload 3 songs/sets to the profile instead of 5 like old version.

New Promotion Options

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Reposting Feature

Instead of sticking to their powerful micro community feature which gave artists the opportunity to share their work and build good relationships, SoundCloud has to turn to the sharing style of Facebook which puts every posted song to your own profile which makes it confusing. While this repost option can be confusing it is also a great feature for people other than artists and listeners, since now they can repost these songs to their pages and make them available for public. Here is also nice article about how to use repost and Instagram.

Playlist Tool

The favorites option have been replaced with an option of likes, which is a new playlist tool since you can now like, repost and make sets of your favorite tracks. This change is warmly welcomed, since it allows users to collects their beloved music and organize it. In addition, keyboard shortcuts that allows users to navigate the site without being worried about the song in the background since they can now easily turn it up, down, back, forward, pause and play.

Two target Audiences

With the old version SoundCloud worked for two audiences, one who provided the songs and the other who listened to them, but with recent version now the balance is lost, because now the options are targeting only the listeners. This is a turn down for the artist’s community.


Though this cannot be denied that SoundCloud have provided its users with some cool new features that will definitely give a boost to the listening experience of customers. Still the artist’s community is not happy with these changes, some are even considering of finding alternatives that can fill the gap that SoundCloud has left. Now what will be the exact outcome of this will be seen in time.

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