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The New Soundcloud is Oriented Towards Music Listeners

When first launched, SoundCloud focused on an audience of musicians and listeners for their platform, but with the recent redesign, the creators seem to have shifted their target audience to only listeners.


Though the iconic waveform is still there, other features have been miniaturized on the SoundCloud platform. The trademark waveform with embedded comments is now changed, where the comments are not easily visible and the comments appear in a horizontal line across the waveform instead in the shape of a balloon, and if the comment is long than the whole of it will not appear. To make things right, we suggest you to buy a soundcloud promotion package that fits your need for your promotional campaign. This puts a damper on the social aspect of the site which initially motivated customers to participate on the SoundCloud platform. One of the new options include a music discovery feature which shows already liked artists and repeated tracks. In the previous versions of SoundCloud, up loaders were allowed to create a set of their songs similar to live-show set list, now instead of a set all the tracks are woven into one waveform which makes it complicated for artists to promote their songs since they can’t differentiate between them and all tracks lose their importance. Moreover, the spotlight option which helped to highlight a musicians identity has been conveniently removed from the latest design altogether. To cam people down they have allowed customers to upload 3 songs/sets to the profile instead of 5 like old version.

New Promotion Options

New features of Soundcloud enabled music agencies to offer quality services. You can buy followers here that will get you instant recognition and fan base.

Reposting Feature

Instead of sticking to their powerful micro community feature which gave artists the opportunity to share their work and build good relationships, SoundCloud has to turn to the sharing style of Facebook which puts every posted song to your own profile which makes it confusing. While this repost option can be confusing it is also a great feature for people other than artists and listeners, since now they can repost these songs to their pages and make them available for public. Here is also nice article about how to use repost and Instagram.

Playlist Tool

The favorites option have been replaced with an option of likes, which is a new playlist tool since you can …

Reprisal Free

comment: It’s more of a question actually. I spent most of Monday in court, waiting for my name to be called & watching the grim proceedings. My arrest had been on March 2nd, 2002 after I was pulled over for old tags just after leaving my house at Blue Lakes. The CHP officer who arrested me found a minute amount of speed on me & added possession plus a bonus DUI which was purely bogus. I spent three days in jail (Friday night until Monday evening) then bailed because there was zero indication that I would be seeing a judge soon. Then when I appeared as ordered a month later no charges were pressed & I was ordered to appear in three weeks. The bond was released & I was told once again that the court declined to press charges at that time. On August 5th the charges were filed against me (rather than make this longer lets just say that they will have one hell of a time proving them) & I wasn’t the only one there who had this happen to them.

Almost all of the DUI cases were 5-6 months out & at least half of those called weren’t there, causing 40-50 thousand dollars in warrants to be issued. Everyone working in the courtroom had grim looks on their faces, obviously unhappy with their part in keeping the meat grinder going & I just have to ask,””What the Hell is going on in this county? Who’s in charge here & why does he/she want to reduce a citizen of this county with no record of any previous criminal behavior what so ever, to abject poverty by pursuing these charges? I ask you, have I hurt anyone? Ever? Get real Lake County, I don’t have a dime to my name 6 months after that arrest so what is this about?””

ps…..not that I’ve had a lot of experience eating in jails, nor do I feel that the food should be fine quality but one slice of bologna & 2 pieces of dried white bread, 3 ounces of fruit cocktail & a half a pint of milk does not constitute a meal, let alone a dinner. In 3 days there was not one serving of food that had seen the kitchen (been cooked in other words). Damn near bread & water.

Please leave out my angrier parts if you’d …



When I was in graduate school, one of my friendly acquaintances, to research a Master’s Thesis, grew a weeks beard, bought old rag clothes, got them greasy dirty, and spent the better part of the summer in the slums of Chicago. I would not have had the guts, but he panhandled, begged, applied for jobs, hung out with gangs, and blended in. According to our discussions when he came in, he had managed to pass as one of the street people.

The stories were not pretty. He saw some people managing to rise above such environment, but many failing. The successes fell into two main classes: those who escaped honest and those who escaped criminal. Based on my friend’s experience, I don’t think anyone could melt into the cesspools of poverty, live the life and then come back, feeling that all the poor need do… is rind the win to do. Some honestly succeed and some fail honestly. That division defies any parsing based solely upon how hard they had worked, or which church they attended, or how honest they were. And even those who chose crime as escape found no easy road. A lot of it was just plain luck.

Because of these thoughts, I would like to propose a premise. From that, I would like to expand the microcosm to broader themes. I suggest that the absolute worst vampires of the slums, are those whose survival and welfare (within or* escaped from the ghetto) rests upon the backs of their own neighbors. It is important to also agree, that oppression is a spectrum, a range, and a variety. Not all bullies are equal. Not all politicians are bad and not all good. The corner grocer who extends credit may be a savior today and tomorrow an opponent cuffing portion or rigging scales in attempt to buttress his own existence.

I would also like to suggest a broad definition of oppression. If the grocer overcharges and gains undue profit because people are starving, he is not quantitatively along side the thief, but he is on the same continuum. Loan sharks may rob without a gun. Any of these predators are, when feeding on the weakness of the community, examples of the dark side of the existential economic system. If we assume that “”law”” is itself a continuum of evolution and change, this daily demonstrated fact of pressure, leverage, and …

Where’s The Water Going?

After reading the 8-31-02 Observer story on the Board of Supervisor’s discussion regarding revisions to the county’s grading ordnance, I was baffled. Did Denise Rockenstein watch the same meeting I had attended for nearly four hours? Ms. Rockenstein quotes Supervisor Smith and CDD director Ms. Fagalde, but completely ignored the hours of testimony coming from local residents, which was absolutely uniform in tone. The standard complaint was that people who had a reliable domestic water supply lost it after a vineyard moved in, and they either have to truck in water at great expense, or move out while still making mortgage payments on an unusable home. Ms. Rockenstein also ignored the numerous objections to the draft proposal having been crafted behind closed doors with input coming from only one special interest group, the Farm Bureau, and that even supervisor Farrington couldn’t get a copy until 24 hours before the debate took place. Ms. Fagalde defended the exclusion of other groups in the drafting of the revision proposal by saying that “”If you want to know about flying, you talk to pilots””, to which I responded that pilots don’t operate in a vacuum, they are part of an integrated system that demands cooperation between air traffic controllers, engineers, mechanics, etc.. Ms. Rockstein failed to mention that the supervisors have been foot-dragging on this issue for over a year, and that with the exception of Jeff Smith, all of them have taken huge sums of cash from the grape growers and other elements of the vineyard development industry. Also missing from Ms. Rockenstein’s story is the fact that Lake County has spent vast amounts of time and money defending itself against lawsuits filed due to the supervisors failing to properly oversee that the CDD fulfill it’s regulatory obligations regarding vineyard developments.

Grape County, USA

After an eighty-year hiatus, winegrapes are once again Lake County’s primary agricultural commodity, having recently overtaken pears as the county’s main cash crop. Before prohibition wiped nearly eight thousand acres of winegrapes off the landscape of Lake County back in the ‘twentys, it had been California’s center of wine production, long before Napa and Sonoma counties had become established as the state’s most prestigious grape-producing regions. So winegrapes are once again big business in lake
County, though much has changed in the way the business is structured and conducted in modern times .
The original Lake County winemakers were almost exclusively local, family owned operations, who dry-farmed their crop in widely spaced rows with no pesticides or frost protection methods to combat the bugs and cold mountain climate. Today’s growers are a varied lot, and generally fall into three categories. First off, you have the local growers, who typically switched to
grapes from pears as the winegrape market boomed and the pear business began to have fewer and fewer profitable years. The second group of “”growers”” are actually oftentimes lawyers and doctors (or occasionally even congressmen), most of whom live in the Bay Area and own vineyards mainly as a hobby or to impress their upscale friends. The last group is the out-of-county corporate growers, who have created the largest-scale agricultural developments the county has ever seen. It is this third group that has caused most of the concern over the growth of the industry locally, since until recent times large-scale corporate farming was unheard of in Lake County, and few of the local people in the industry or government understood what that change would really mean.
Many of the problems generated by the rapid and largely unregulated growth of the industry were predictable and preventable, but the early warnings about the downsides of the county’s second wave of vineyard developments were uniformly dismissed by government and industry leaders as being anti-business or anti-growth rantings of uninformed tree-huggers. However, within the last year virtually all of the dire predictions have turned out to be correct, and the future outlook of the industry in Lake County has begun to look much less rosy. Now local growers are finding it much harder to get contracts with wineries, and many are forced to take their chances on the spot market, where recently prices have been tanking with after-picking-and-transport cost returns as low as …

The Rise And Fall Of Jim Johnson

After four and a half years at the helm of the 3,300 student Konocti school district, it looks like the end of superintendent Jim Johnson’s tenure is coming into view. Running the worst of Lake County’s school systems would not have been an easy task under the best of circumstances, but Johnson at times seemed to be intent on making the undertaking even more difficult than it had to be. Always at the bottom end of the county’s statistical heap, the Konocti district needed well directed and motivated teachers in order to have any chance at getting their abysmal test scores to improve. But instead of bringing his staff members together to form a focused and committed group of educators, Johnson managed to divide not only his employees, but also polarized the entire community as well.
To outside observers the first two years of Johnson’s run as superintendent were fairly tranquil, marred only by the continually slipping test scores and a Grand Jury investigation into an “”Energy conservation contract””. The Grand Jury found that the district had violated it’s own rules by handing out the conservation contract (for $1,136,858) without putting it out to competitive bid or posting any public notice of it, but couldn’t find any direct links to people working for the district who might
profit from it. But beyond those events, people inside the system knew that things weren’t right at the district office, and saw a disturbing pattern begin to develop. Superintendent Johnson wasn’t seeing the improvements in test scores he had hoped to been able to brag about, and started to become more adversarial in his dealings with some of his employees, whom he began to blame for the lack of positive results.
So now the course for the next two-plus years was set, with Johnson continually clamping down harder and harder on any dissenters or critics, while at the same time consolidating more and more power at the district office. The budget review committee and Leadership team (comprised of principals, parents and board members) were eliminated, and replaced with incredibly high-paid administrators who were completely on board with the Johnson way of thinking. Johnson was now in the full circle-the-wagons mode, and began doing a number of small-minded things like tinkering with the schedule and wording of the agenda of board meetings in order to make it more difficult for his detractors to figure …

Strategic Illusions

Terrorism is the most dangerous threat to civilization. Hopelessness, bitterness, jealousy, and blame for the U.S. support of despotic governments aids in recruiting more soldiers for this Second Intifada, or crusade for anarchy and chaos. Quests for vengeance just multiply the brutal acts on both sides, as violence bequeaths violence. Metaphorically similar to the Malthusian Theorem, new suicide bombers are not produced arithmetically but proliferated and multiplied by this incessant violence; compounded even more by the resultant loss of dignity for all the family members involved. Personal dignity is denied children and the majority of both peaceful Palestinians and Israelis. Fear of being statistically collateral dama! ge in this war between the rulers of both Israel and Palestine, has made the majority of both populations into hostages.

As Thomas Friedman said in the New York Times on Thursday, Iraq is no threat to the U.S. At it’s first real threat, the U.S. could quickly level the entire country. Qadafi of Libya will never thumb his nose at the U.S. again in the world press. Half his house was destroyed with just a small raid some years ago, effectively erasing him from the world stage.

If Iraq were a third world country without oil, its strategic importance would make it a zero. The U.S. has ignored Africa for decades. Now that large oil reserves have been discovered there, the U.S. is building strong embassies and alliances. The U.S. interfered in a country’s internal politics back in the sixties, Vietnam. Every country deserves the chance to learn, as Russia and China are learning now, that capitalism is pragmatically the best. Communism cannot in the long run, work with imperfect humans. Outside pressure has worked for the former British colonies, but not without great cost for both conquerors and conquered, psychically, and psychologically.

U.S. arrogance toward global warming, and protection of corporate interests is a terrible blow to the traditional U.S. feeling of moral superiority. Strategic interests now translate to corporate oil interests. That is why official government policy has oil conservation taking a back seat to increased oil production. One cannot make a profit from less oil sales. How many people call themselves loyal Americans and drive SUVs?

We need to spend this time and effort on reforming our education, legal, and penal system. If we continue to hide our heads in the sand, Nikita Krushchev will have been right, we will …

The Bush Lies


George Bush is a liar who makes Clinton look almost truthful by comparison. Dubbya said we couldn’t conserve our way out of the energy “”crisis””, but Californians did just that. Dubbya said we brought the blackouts on ourselves by having too many environmental restrictions, but now it’s been confirmed that almost all the blackouts were the result of Dubbya’s friends
in the energy markets giving us the shaft while FERC sat on the sidelines. Also, a recent Rand report says 40% of our electricity is wasted.
Dubbya says democracy is a good thing (never mind how he got hired), and is needed in Iraq. But when oil-rich Venezuela’s fairly elected leader was overthrown earlier this year, Dubbya backed the military coup leaders, until Venezuelans took their country back, then Dubbya changed his tune again.
Dubbya says he cares about the people of Iraq, another lie-he’s continued cruel sanctions against them, and doesn’t mention Iraq’s women enjoy freedoms the women of Saudi Arabia and our other allies in the region could only dream of.
Dubbya said getting Osama was his highest priority, then said months later that he didn’t know or care where he was.
Dubbya said he’s a “”compassionate”” conservative, then sent the DEA into Lake County to violate our state law and the will of our community by illegally seizing medicinal marijuana, thereby endangering the lives of hundreds of our large population of chronically ill citizens.
Dubbya told Nevadans he wouldn’t turn their state into the nation’s nuclear waste dump, which gave him the election-another lie.
Dubbya says that we are fighting the “”War on terror”” to protect our freedom, but our constitution and bill of rights have been trashed, while Bush and Cheney friends and family members make a killing off of the newly bloated defense budget.

Attack of the Nimbys

Ecological awareness fluctuates wildly among Lake County’s residents, with periods of coma-like numbness punctuated by occasional eruptions of sometimes emotional and irrational outpourings of environmental concerns. So while the day-to-day low level forms of environmental destruction go mostly unnoticed, when an issue finally makes it onto the local’s radar screens
there’s a tendency for the chronically hysterical to undercut whatever credibility the rest of the group has. With the proposed new geothermal plant planned for the area adjoining the Elem Indian colony on Clearlake’s southeast shore, along with the sizable number of rational concerned citizens taking notice, there has been a predicable outcry from the babbling psycho contingent as well.
The nimbys are wringing their hands over a wide variety of mostly imaginary concerns, from the location of the planned facility to the background of the company promoting it. Five test holes are scheduled to be drilled on or near the long-abandoned Sulfur Bank mine, which is Lake County’s very own EPA superfund site. Somehow, the nimbys have come to the conclusion that in the
process of building the relatively small (25 x 60 foot) facility, there will be a huge influx of mercury-laden materials flushed into Clearlake. Considering that the lake is a quarter mile from even the closest drilling site, the chance of a significant amount of mercury making it’s way into the lake is remote, to say the least. Another nimby concern is that the material coming from the test holes will spread mercury along the roadside as it’s hauled to the central valley for disposal, in spite of the fact that the route that will be used doesn’t go through any heavily populated areas.
Nimbys based in the town of Clearlake Oaks are worried that the plant will ruin their view, it’s lights will be too bright, and it will be too noisy.
While the first two complaints are laughable, the noise issue could be a genuine problem, if the project isn’t subject to some stringent noise mitigation efforts. But surprisingly enough, the people most likely to be affected have been the least vocal. That group would be the long-suffering Elem tribe, who have made only minimal noises about the project, and have even voiced some luke-warm approval so far. The Elem environmental director says the tribe will hold off on their formal decision until the EIR on the project is done, which should be sometime …

Three Strikes Statistic: Ken Kor

On the face of it, Hill Road correctional facility inmate Kenton Kor seems to be the kind of career criminal the three strikes law was designed to keep behind bars. In and out of jail and state prison for the last twenty-five years, Kor is now being held on a charge that could send him away for the rest of his life. The forty-five year old Kor has a long list of crimes he’s been convicted of, but the most serious by far is the assault to commit a sexual act charge he was found guilty of in 1982. Kor is going to trial next week as a registered sex offender with three strikes already on the books against him, which along with his numerous minor brushes with the law make his legal challenges formidable to say the least.

But a closer look shows that perhaps Kor isn’t quite what voters had in mind when they made their decision, and could in fact be a prime example of how badly flawed the three strikes law can be. Kor has for all his life struggled with various forms of mental illness, and a decade ago was granted full SSI benefits for what psychiatrists term “”chronic undifferentiated schizophrenia””, among other mental disorders. Kor has also spent time in at least a half dozen mental hospitals and institutions in northern California, at times under court order, sometimes just to make him lucid enough to stand trial. Kor was diagnosed as being autistic as a child and clearly struggled in school, finally getting his GED during his three year enlistment in the Army, which seems to have been the only place where he was able to function with some degree of normalcy. After leaving service life, Kor began a long period of drinking-related problems while surviving by what he termed “”hustling””, punctuated only by several stretches of jail confinement. The first of his serious crimes was a sexual assault case, which set the pattern for every one of his future encounters with the law. In a drunken stupor, Kor mistakenly entered his neighbor’s home and stumbled into the bathroom just as the startled thirty-five year old female homeowner emerged from the shower. After a scuffle which the victim stated lasted a mere thirty seconds, Kor departed through a window and was quickly apprehended by police. Even though there was no sexual contact and it’s …